Herzog inspired Zines

This week I took delivery of my fourth ‘Capturing Preston’ Zine. Each Zine features 52 photos from a year covering 2018-2021.

My inspiration for the Zines comes from Fred Herzog and his book Modern Color. In fact the design of my Zines and the layout closely mirrors the look of the book. I love the way Herzog captured the people and the city he photographed and it was that desire to be able to look back and see how things have changed that influenced my choice of photos. The difficult thing was keeping each Zine down to 52 photos but it seemed like a reasonable balance between cost and quality. I wanted to use a good quality paper and chose a matt-laminated cover for each Zine.

I’ve picked out a few photos (two from each Zine below) as examples. In a relatively short timeframe you can already see evidence of how Preston has changed.


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