No particular place to go…Keighley

I’m feeling a bit lost with my photography at the moment and I’m not sure why. The motivation and inspiration is lacking.

So, yesterday I decided to go for a wander into Keighley in West Yorkshire. Like many towns it has suffered through recession and lack of investment. Like many towns it also has good bits and bad bits.

I set off with one camera, my Fujifilm x-pro3 and one lens, the 23mm f2. I also set the camera to capture black and white jpeg images, using the Acros film simulation. It felt good to just walk around the streets, even though I knew the photos I was taking were not going to be anything special.

I’m glad I made myself go for that walk. It made me realise that the way to get the motivation and inspiration back is to just get out there and take photos, even if they do turn out to be pretty average!


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