Everybody is doing the Woodland Bop

Looking at a few recent woodland photos this morning and a song from the early seventies came into my head by the late great Marc Bolan and Tyrannosaurus Rex. “Everybody is doing the woodland bop, once you’ve started you’ll find it hard to stop”.

Well, guess that was me following the recent storms and heavy rainfall. The waterlogged woodland locally made for some interesting photographs that took on an almost painterly quality.  See what you think…

Waterlogged WoodlandWaterlogged WoodlandWaterlogged WoodlandIvy climbing up a tree trunkIvy climbing up a tree trunkIvy climbing up a tree trunk

An icy and foggy Brockholes – in pictures

According to the weather forecast it was going to be a sunny but cold day.What they forgot to mention was that you wouldn’t be able to see the sun for the freezing fog! 

There was however, something hauntingly beautiful about wondering around Brockholes nature reserve in the icy-cold conditions. The photo below were all taken within the space of about two hours. Some come from the walks around the reserve, others show the visitor centre itself.

Here are the pictures…