A few family photos

Another weekend taking family photos and I’ve again picked out a few black and white versions to share on my blog.

These pictures feature cousins Alexander and Jude and were all taken on a short visit to Yeadon Tarn Park in Yorkshire and then in a local cafe as the weather worsened.




Jude in black and white

My last blog post focused on our grandson, Alexander’s visit over Easter. This time I’m turning the camera on our other grandson Jude.

Jude is exactly six months younger than Alexander so he isn’t walking yet but he does do an amazingly fast bum shuffle! It’s hard to believe that come school age, they will both be in the same year.

These black and white photos were all taken on the Fuji X-T2 with 50mm lens.



Alexander’s Easter visit

It’s always a great day when we see the grandchildren and on Easter Monday we had the pleasure of spending some time with Alexander, who was experiencing his first visit to Avenham Park in Preston.

Avenham Park is the traditional gathering place on an Easter Monday as scores of Children arrive to roll their easter eggs down the grassy slopes of the park.

Alexander is a bit young for chocolate yet but he enjoyed throwing the easter egg and ┬átaking in the atmosphere. He also had a good run around, oh to have his energy! After an hour or so he’d seen enough and it was back to our house for another play and a rest. Here are a five black and white pictures from the visit.