In Pictures: Fylde Ladies -v-Wren Rovers

It was a comfortable win for Fylde Ladies today in their cup game against Wren Rovers at UCLan Arena. It was nice to see Fylde down at UCLan in Preston – they played some excellent football and put in a dominant performance winning 6-0.

Here are a few photographs from the game. Click on any photo to enter slideshow.


More ladies football, more practice…

My latest attempt at Sports photography took me to another ladies football match.  This time I popped down to watch a Fylde ladies team take on Liverpool ladies in a friendly match.

The game provided new photographic challenges. An 8pm kick-off meant darkening skies, dark clouds meant rain and that all added up to high ISO levels and slowing shutter speeds. This made it more difficult to freeze the action as the game progressed.

The standard of the football was really good and I can see myself taking in a few more of Fylde ladies games this coming season. There’s also a really friendly feeling around the Club and they will hopefully go from strength to strength when they move into their brand new stadium for this season’s league games.

I was shooting with a Fuji X-T1 together with 50-140mm f2.8 lens. On some of the earlier shots I managed to get away with attaching a 2x converter but as the light levels dropped I had to remove it in order to get the shutter speeds back up to a reasonable level.

Here are the pictures. Click on a pic to enter slideshow:


Additional images from the game: