48 hours in Buxton

The Derbyshire Peak District is a favourite among those that like the great outdoors.   We  stopped on the outskirts of Buxton at Grin Low and Buxton Country Park. Buxton itself is a spa town famous, among other things, for its bottled water.  It’s a great place to spend a couple of days.

Buxton owes a lot to the Devonshire/Cavendish family, owners of the nearby Chatsworth estate. Everywhere you go in the town you can see their influence. The fifth Duke of Devonshire had the idea to create a town to rival Bath – Buxton even has its own curved Georgian terrace, which is currently being converted to a luxury hotel.

One of the highlights of our stay was a visit to an old book shop. I know, doesn’t sound particularly exciting does it? This however, is a book shop that is made for exploring and it has become a popular destination among bibliophiles. They have 40,000 books across five floors with plenty of curiosities along the way.

Another favourite spot for me, photographically speaking was Grin Low and Buxton country park. Here there are plenty of walks and views including, Solomon’s Tower which features in a couple of photos below.

There is also plenty of architecture of interest in Buxton from the Devonshire dome to an unusual Victorian Postbox.

Here are a few photos from Buxton…


The Devonshire Dome on the University Campus


Solomon’s Tower


The Old Hotel housed the captive Mary Queen of Scots


Inside Scrivener’s book shop


On the moors


Victorian Postbox

Clown puppet inside Scrivener's Book Shop in Buxton

Clown puppet inside Scrivener’s Book Shop in Buxton