Magazine shots

I thought I’d post a couple of photos from two very different magazine shoots recently. These are black and white versions of shots that I submitted for the magazine features but I still like these monochrome versions.

The first shoot took place at The Cartford Inn, one the best ‘gastro-pubs’ in Lancashire. The ambiance, the staff and the food are all top notch. The photos I’ve included are of the award winning chefs but I was also photographing the food and restaurant areas for the magazine feature.

The second magazine feature was about the RejuvaMed skin clinic in Chorley. Here I was photographing Dr Grant McKeating and his team. The skin clinic employs some hi-tech methods but it’s all about the people here.


You can view more of my photos from these shoots in the latest issues of Live Preston and Live Ribble Valley magazines. Check them out – they are producing some really good quality magazines.



A few family photos

Another weekend taking family photos and I’ve again picked out a few black and white versions to share on my blog.

These pictures feature cousins Alexander and Jude and were all taken on a short visit to Yeadon Tarn Park in Yorkshire and then in a local cafe as the weather worsened.



Loving the new Fuji XF50mm f2 lens

On the face of it, the Fuji XF50mm lens is a bit of a odd focal length, a sort of portrait lens ‘lite’. ┬áThe acknowledged ‘true’ portrait lens in the Fuji line-up is the 56mm f1.2 but I liked the sound of this new 50mm lens. Compact, weather proof and fast focussing. I also thought it would be ideal for those indoor portraits of the grandchildren where space can be a bit limited.

At first I found it took a while before I started to ‘see’ at 50mm but now it’s hardly ever off my camera. I’m really starting to love this lens. The sharpness and speed of autofocus don’t disappoint plus it can focus incredibly close too.

Up until now my usual choice of lens for these types of pictures has been the brilliant 50-140mm f2.8 lens and this is still a lens I will use for events, it’s a cracking lens. When it comes to photographing portraits of children though, I think the 50mm may well be the first choice in future. It’s an absolute gem.

Here are a few examples from the XF50mm f2 lens:


Urban Portraits with a Fuji X-Pro1/X-E1 and a couple of zooms

I was invited to join a little get together of photographers, models and make-up artists recently for a day’s shooting in one of my home-town’s parks. Group shoots are not something I do on a regular basis and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was travelling light with just my Fuji X-Pro 1 and X-E1 packed into my ThinkTank Retrospective 5 bag. I took two lenses with me the 18-55mm zoom and the 55-200mm zoom plus a Nikon SB-600 flash unit with Flashwave trigger.

I was definitely under-equipped compared to some of my fellow photographers who’d turned up with full SLR kit, light-stands, portable flash systems, beauty dishes and a range of reflectors – clearly all bases were covered from their point of view.

Whilst the huge amount of equipment was impressive, I certainly didn’t feel under-prepared with my Fuji kit and I was confident I’d have everything I needed to produce a nice set of pictures. ┬áHere you can judge for yourselves.

Hair Flick Under the Bridge Spring in the Park Bridal Black and White Fuji X-Pro1 Urban Preston Fuji X-Pro1 Urban Preston