Disappointment for PNE Ladies

It’s fine margins between the disappointment of defeat and the joy of winning. Preston are languishing close to the bottom of the league, while their opponents Bury Ladies are close to the top.  You certainly wouldn’t have known based on the first 20 minutes of the game, which PNE dominated.  When chances come your way though, it’s the teams at the top that seem to put them away and that was the case down at UCLan Arena today. PNE could easily have been a couple of goals to the good before Bury scored but it wasn’t to be.

Preston played some good football and probably had as many chances as Bury but it was Bury who took all three points with two goals in the first half and another in the second. If Preston continue to play this way then it can’t be too long before they get more points on the board.

Photos below. Click on any photo to view slideshow.



Preston Markets at night

The recently refurbished and updated Victorian Markets in Preston are now open and the use of modern LED lighting really brings a little something extra to the building at night.

In these few photographs here I’ve tried to show off the architecture including the fantastic canopy roof.  I really hope people use the markets – they are a great addition to the shopping experience in Preston.

Last week on the 365 Project

So another seven photos and this could well be the last week I post a set of pictures from the 365 project. I’m still taking a photos every day but I don’t like posting pictures I’m not happy with and that has been happening out of necessity for this project.  I guess that is the pressure of a 365 project. You have good days and bad days.

There are a couple of pictures in this group that I wouldn’t normally post but there are some good ones too.

I’ll let you decide which is which!




Preston’s Victorian Market re-opens in black and white

Preston’s newly refurbished Victorian Market re-opened today and I went down to take some photos for Blog Preston.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but I loved it! It was really buzzing today as hundreds of people came to have a look around.

There are many familiar faces, market traders who have moved from the now closed indoor market and there are some new faces too.  The glass sides to the market hall give the place a light airy feel whilst helping to keep out the bitterly cold wind but it’s still cold!  In some ways The market reminds me of Covent Garden or one of the London Markets – an interesting place to browse, relax and have a coffee or even a glass of wine.

It’s a fantastic addition to the City Centre and it deserves to be a success. So come on people of Preston, get down there and enjoy the shopping experience. There are some great stalls: butchers, bakers, cheese makers; as well as flowers, sweets, fruit and veg and even beauty products if you fancy a hair extension.

Here are a few black and white pictures from the day. You can see more of my pictures, (in colour), appearing on Blog Preston over the next few days too. Click on any pic below to enter slideshow view.




365 Project – seven more pictures

Well that’s January completed and into February. It’s nice to make it this far!  This week I’ve had to take the unusual step of including myself in a couple of pictures. I don’t really like doing that but at times it gets difficult, especially when the weather is wet and miserable.

I’ve also included three black and white photos this week. Sometimes photos just seem to work better that way.  The old ruined mill is a good example.

If you prefer colour take a look at the Lytham sunset, plenty of warm tones here. On the selfie front, there’s one of me showing off the first album I ever bought – seemed appropriate in the week that Elton John announced his final tour, albeit a three year one!

Hope you enjoy the photos.




Wow! So many views as one picture goes viral

Ok that’s another week of photos completed for my 365 Project. Four weeks now and at times this week has been tough. There’s been some lousy weather; dull and wet with boring grey skies but thankfully there has been some glimmers of good light too.

One particular bright point at the beginning of the week really kept me going.  I’d been trying to decide on my pic of the day. It had been another dull, wet, grey day but I made a last minute decision to drive out to Lytham in the hope that the rain would stop and I’d get the one picture I needed.

As it happens, I’m glad I made the effort because the picture I took during the briefest of sunsets at St Annes pier was picked up for the Flickr Explore pages.

That’s my second picture this year to be highlighted on the site. It’s kind of a showcase to the world – a selection of noteworthy pictures from the last 24 hours.  The response was phenomenal, even more so than last time.  In the space of about five hours my picture of the sunset ay Lytham St Annes had received well over 50,000 views and the figure is now nearing 70,000! That makes it my most viewed picture on the Flickr site by quite a large margin.

However, St Annes wasn’t my only sunset picture of the week. On Saturday I set off with a picture in mind but then saw a dramatic sky developing.  I made a decision to divert to Preston docks for my pic of the day. The colours in the sky were stunning. Fortunately I arrived just in time to catch a view along the River Ribble. Nature was putting on a show as the sky turned purple, pink, yellow, orange and red plus a few shades in-between.  It was a privilege to see and I’m glad I captured it, even though this time the shot didn’t get quite so many views!

The seven shots from my week can be seen below. All the photos were taken on the Fuji X-T2.

If you want any more details on the pictures featured, just let me know in the comments. You can also see my 365 Photos as I post them on Flickr and on Instagram.  Give me a follow to keep up to date.

Hopefully I will be back next week with another seven pictures.



Week two of the 365 day challenge

My 365 day photo challenge is now two-weeks old and below are my pictures from the last seven days but first a bit of an explanation…

You may notice that York again features strongly. That is because this last week we spent more time in the beautiful city of York, our second visit of the year.

I’ve actually included an extra picture here from York. It’s a view of the Millennium Bridge at night which I posted on Flickr. It was picked up and featured on their daily ‘Explore’ pages which kind of guarantees lots of views. In just two days it had received almost 10.000 views.  Perhaps I should have made that one my pic of the day rather than the one I did choose!


On a couple of days, I did struggle with my pictures. On the way back from York, I had to rely on a quickly grabbed picture from the side of the road. Then the following day I went down to Preston Docks hoping for a sunset that never quite delivered.

My final two photos this week included a still life photo of a beer bottle. You wouldn’t believe how long it took to get the lighting right on this one. It involved two strobes, some home made flags (to block light spill) and a torch.  The Robin picture also required patience. Nothing for around an hour before the bird arrived and I got my pic.

As usual, all pictures here were taken on the Fuji X-T2.  You can also follow my 365 day challenge as it happens on Instagram and on Flickr

Here are the pictures…